Sustainable Holiday Decorations from Your Garden

The Holiday’s are the best time to get crafty and why not use the simple rewards from our backyard to help create festive winter fun?

Herb-infused Ornaments

Create aromatic ornaments by drying herbs from your garden, such as rosemary or lavender and incorporate them into festive decorations. Please send your festive creations to [email protected]

Evergreen Wreaths

Craft beautiful wreaths using pruned branches from your evergreen trees, promoting sustainability and festive spirit!

Natural Garland

String together dried fruits, pinecones, and colorful leaves to make an eco-friendly and visually appealing garland for your home.

Citrus Candle Holders

Hollow out citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits and place small candles inside for a fragrant and decorative touch.

Upcycled Terra Cotta Pot Decor

Paint and decorate old terra cotta pots to use as festive containers for small plants or part of your holiday display! Check out this adorable terra cotta pot snowman at